Sugar is bad for you, and you’re probably eating too much of it.

It’s no secret that sugar is bad for you. Consuming a lot of sugar regularly can lead to conditions like obesity, heart problems, and diabetes. Some studies, such as this one have even tied sugar consumption to causing or maintaining cancer. Researchers in that study found that a cell’s metabolism of sugar could contribute to the cell becoming cancerous. Conversely, reducing sugar intake could cause reversion (i.e. cancer cells resorting back to healthy cells). Some professionals or industries would disagree, but you cannot deny the multitude of studies showing the evils of sugar. Even anecdotal evidence exists of people who look and feel much better after eliminating sugar. Clearer skin, increased energy, better moods, and weight loss are just a few of their stated benefits. You don’t need science to tell you the benefits if you can see and feel it! Continue reading “Sugar is bad for you, and you’re probably eating too much of it.”

What’s more important for weight loss – diet or exercise?

Whether to diet or to exercise is a question people constantly ask or revisit in the quest for weight loss. Which is more effective? Well, studies such as this one show that diet affects weight loss more than exercise, though dieting and exercising together are most effective. Continue reading “What’s more important for weight loss – diet or exercise?”