New blog to check out!

Howdy! It’s been a while, but I’m just popping in to share our new blog, Freeze Dried Family. In case you didn’t notice, life took us away from Loving the Better You for quite some time.

We since opted to change our focus to share about the more unique practices in our lifestyle. A lot of people practice various diet and fitness protocols, but less people are well-versed in practices more common with homesteading, food preservation, and self-sustainability. Thus, we felt we would better serve people by blogging on those topics.

What is Freeze Dried Family?

Freeze Dried Family is a blog that blends topics traditionally reserved for homesteading, like food fermentation, food preservation, and self-sustainability. However, it’s geared towards people without an actual homestead – like us. We don’t have the means to have an actual homestead plot yet, so carry on homesteading practices in the suburbs.

Thus, the blog is geared towards people in similar situations: who want to incorporate more healthy, self-sustainable, eco-friendly practices into their suburban life.

Popular Articles from Freeze Dried Family

Below are some popular articles from Freeze Dried Family, that may interest you. For more, please go to Freeze Dried Family. Also, be sure to subscribe to the mailing list for updates and other information.

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As our time and energy has veered towards Freeze Dried Family, feel free to join us there and invite your friends and family!