About Laine and Josh


Laine Loving

Health, fitness, and nutrition are my passions, so I am excited about my first attempt to translate all of that into an online medium to share with the world.

A little bit about me:  Although I have been in a corporate setting for most of my career, I wanted to devote some of my energy to another interest and passion: health, fitness, and nutrition. My interest in these areas started when I was a child, even if in an informal capacity. In middle school, I would work out to a public broadcast exercise program in the afternoon almost daily ("The Body Electric," anyone?) and progressed into creating my own workout routines in high school. I started reading more and more about health and fitness out of interest, but never thought a career in the industry would be viable enough to pursue. Fast forward to recent history, where I decided I should pursue one of my top interests, without regard to earning potential or job stability. Health and fitness is still my passion, many years later, and people often identify me as the “healthy” or “fit” person in the crowd (often because of my muscular-looking arms) and ask me what my secret is. Well, this site is all about me revealing what my "secrets" are, or at least sharing the knowledge and successes that I've experienced with others. I hope you enjoy and make yourself at home.

Other things about me: I am the mother of three lovely children, who keep life busy and amusing. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology from Stanford University and a law degree from Cornell Law School. In my free time, I enjoy painting, hiking, swimming, working out, short travels, dancing, cooking, watching ice hockey, spending time with friends and family, and seeing shows and performances.


Where to begin? Well, I am a former food glutton, and when I say glutton, I mean I would gorge myself in front of people to claim the title of eating the most at the table. It was repulsive to say the least. Although I'm sometimes still tempted to out-eat anyone at the table, particularly other dudes, I at least find the practice repulsive. I'll also admit that I didn't look my finest back in the day either. I was overweight, but didn't know just how overweight I looked until I later lost weight and looked back at my earlier pictures and thought, "Man, was I chubby!" I can only think my wife was into my attributes aside from my appearance at the time, since I can't say I was in the best shape.

So, here's my deal: I grew up in a meat and potatoes kind of family, where the "veggies" we had for dinner would usually be carrots or potatoes, so not actually vegetables. More like starches. When I was a teenager, we often got pizza or other take out. Drive-through fast food was a big staple in my diet. Me and my friends could easily eat one large pizza each, and then some. I think my saving grace for not being obese was that I did construction work, which kept me relatively active during the day. When I returned to computer programming and worked mostly at a desk, however, then the pounds started piling on. I never reached the point of being obese, but had an obvious beer belly, or more like a food belly, since I didn't drink. Anyway, I realized I was overweight, but didn't know how to address it really. My wife (girlfriend at the time) was in pretty good shape, so I felt somewhat compelled to try to reform my habits. I would basically get on two-week stints at a time trying to do things like eat "healthy" (i.e. boring) foods or workout videos, but I would never last more than a month max before losing motivation and interest. As you can imagine, this was frustrating. I did lose some weight for our wedding, but didn't take long to gain weight again afterwards, since I felt like celebrating and didn't watch myself. Health and fitness really didn't interest me, which made it hard to get into any routine really.

That all changed after my daughter was born. I made a conscious decision to improve my health and habits at that point, because I figured if I was going to teach my daughter how to eat and live healthy, I would have to practice what I preach. I started educating myself more and more about health, where it become sort of an obsession. I'd read guides, articles, and studies to dispel fads or misconceptions that many people unfortunately still follow. Most importantly, I found a way to reform my eating habits and lifestyle that no longer felt like a chore. For the first time, I didn't feel like I was restricting or torturing myself, so I was able to stick with my new lifestyle for the longterm and have never looked and felt better in terms of my energy and appearance. Because I took such an interest in health, fitness, and nutrition, I quite enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others. That's why I agreed to be part of this blog. I'm hoping I can influence others to make the same transformation I have and to become obsessive health nuts as well. (Even to this day, I still find it funny that people consider me a "health nut," since I was the last person that anyone would have picked for that label to apply in the past.)