About LTBY

Laine and Josh started Loving the Better You to share their experience and knowledge of health, nutrition, and fitness with others. We hope to inspire and educate others towards better health without peddling any gimmicks or false promises. Whether you are well-read on the topics of health, nutrition, and fitness, or are completely new, we hope you will find our site useful. Our main forum for sharing information will be our blog, but we will eventually expand to offer other online resources like videos.

We understand that maintaining good health takes a holistic approach, meaning improving various aspects of your life rather than on specific facets like diet or exercise alone. That's why our blog articles cover a wide range of topics: to spark conversations and research in areas you may not ordinarily consider. Please feel free to reach out to us in the form of comments on our blog or social media pages, or through our contact page, if you have any questions or suggestions on our site and content. We would love to hear from you!