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Please remember that we would never recommend products that we don't actually use or support, so you can be assured that our recommendations are sincere. With that said, we welcome you to ask us about any of the products listed in terms of our impressions, how we use the items, or anything else! You may go to the links by clicking on the product images below:


Instant Pot

We love this gadget for making everything from stews and rice to pulled pork, greens, and bone broth. It makes cooking so convenient, as thousands of people can attest to loving the Instant Pot. This model is more than sufficient for basic recipes, despite the fancier models available.

Hario Cold-Brew Coffee Pot/Maker

We have been using this pitcher for years now to make cold-brewed coffee and have absolutely no complaints. It is very easy to clean and use, where you simply add ground coffee beans to the filter and let it soak in water overnight to create your concentrate. Great price, too!

Manual Coffee Grinder

We grind whole organic coffee beans by hand using this device for our cold-brewed coffee. The reason to use a manual instead of electric grinder is to get more uniform grinds, which is better for cold brew. Although there are taller grinders, the larger feeder in this type of grinder makes it more convenient to load a bunch of beans at once instead of having to constantly reload. This grinder can also be used for spices.

Anova Sous Vide Cooker

This device really raised the bar in how we cook meats and seafood in our house. The ability to achieve a consistent temperature throughout the food makes the food noticeably more tender and juicy than without the sous vide cooker. With meats, a quick sear afterwards creates a nice crust. Another bonus is the ability to cook or to thaw frozen meats, eliminating the need to thaw when we want to cook something frozen at the spur of the moment.  It’s easy to use, too. We found it much better for making yogurt than the Instant Pot, if you’re into making yogurt. Highly recommended!

Organic Darjeeling Black Tea Leaves

We use these black tea leaves for brewing kombucha. They can also be used for pickling (the tannins in tea can lead to crunchier fermented pickles). Much more cost-effective to buy in bulk if you plan to use them regularly and for more than just drinking.

1-Gallon Glass Kombucha Jar w/Cloth Cover and Storage Lid

We love our kombucha and keep batches brewing in these 1-gallon jars. The size is handy for making larger batches, yet small enough to stay hidden away in our kitchen cabinet during fermentations. Easy to clean and reuse. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to brew or already brewing their own kombucha. (Or if you want large gallon-sized glass jars for other uses!)


Doorway Chin Up Pullup Bar / Multi-Grip Trainer Workout

This workout equipment is probably the most handy to have in a home gym. It conveniently slips onto any door frame without the need for mounting or installation and allows you to do pull ups and chin ups, which are among the best and most effective exercises for building upper body strength in men and women, along with other moves like leg lifts. A lot of people forget or don't realize that moves like pulls up work the core, thereby building up your ab muscles. It's good to diversify your routine to incorporate comprehensive core work if you want defined abs instead of doing exercises solely focused on the abs. Also, having a pull up bar handy allows you to do an impromptu pull up or two while walking past.

Versa Gripps Classic Weight Lifting Straps

Laine uses these when she does weight work and pull ups for two reasons: her grip strength isn't strong enough for her to continue holding heavy weights for long periods without the assistance, and she doesn't want to get callouses on her hands! She uses them pretty consistently when doing strength work, so is a fan.

Bowflex Adjustable Weight Bench

This adjustable weight bench is not a bad price and has served us well for several years now. Although you don't need a weight bench for workouts, it is handy to have if you want to do some isolated muscle work or to just have a stable bench for moves like tricep dips, decline sit ups, and bench jumps.

PowerBlock Adjustable Weight Set

An adjustable weight set eliminates the need to buy individual dumbbells of varying weights as you progress in gaining strength and upping your intensity with weight work. Both Josh and Laine use these weights pretty regularly when doing either isolated weight work or in adding intensity to squats when using a barbell is either not convenient or ideal.

Jungle Gym XT Suspension System

These straps have proved very durable and versatile to our workouts. A suspension system allows you to put different pressure and angles in your workout, building strength while your muscles attempt to stabilize you from the straps’ mobility. These straps can be mounted to doorways, horizontal branches/bars, or the ceiling. We have used them for exercises including inverted rows, suspended push ups, and leg lifts/raises.